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ProWare Services, LLC is a software Solution and Services Company focused on providing solutions for the produce, seafood, and floral industries.  The company’s center of concentration remains on supply chain products and services that are affordable to growers, packer/shippers, wholesalers, brokers, and distributors.  ProWare’s staff provides complete consulting and system integration services to support the effective implementation and long term support of these solutions. ProWare Services provides un-paralleled products, services with commitment and integrity.

AgWare is our flagship product which is a mature and stable platform deployed in the agricultural community since 1999. AgWare is a fully integrated ERP solution designed for the supply side of the fresh food industry.   AgWare addresses complex operational and traceability requirement presently needed for growers, packer/shippers, sales organizations, distributors, and brokers.   Its functionality includes purchase orders, receiving, packing/value-add processing, inventory control, sales order automation, document preparation, and includes a direct integration into A/R, AP and GL.

FreshAware is software to monitor temperature & time from field, precooling, and loading. The cold chain temperature monitoring system, deployed with RFID readers and tags.  The solution captures, monitors, and reports unit level (pallet and case) throughout the entire supply chain.  The data can be fed into a remaining shelf life calculator that provides the ability to dynamically optimize routing that reduces waste and maximizes post-harvest yield.

FreshAware Precool Monitoring System - While a part of the overall FreshAware solution, the Precool Monitoring System can unbundled and installed in a standalone environment.  This system, initiated at the unit level prior to precool, utilizes both fixed and item level RFID tags to capture, record and manage product temperature throughout the precool process.  The solution includes a light tree to provide visual alert for packinghouse personnel when product temperature breach the desired temperature range. 

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