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Packers, growers, and shippers, as well as food brokers and distributors, find that AgWare functionality enables financial traceability of products from purchase/receiving through final settlement and logistical traceability of products from source to point of delivery.  Electronic documentation for all phases of operation, including transfers and process orders, enhances speed and accuracy for every employee.  AgWare allows companies to maintain real time control over all products, increasing company profitability and customer satisfaction.  Integration of traceability technology with AgWare is a logical enhancement for food safety and security, as well as for superior inventory visibility and compliance.  Read more

The Way To Measure Freshness!

Temperature is important! Whether fruit, vegetable, seafood, flowers or frozen product, if you know and understand the cool chain of those items, you can accurately predict their freshness and leverage shelf life.

FreshAwareTM captures, monitors, and reports unit level temperature throughout the supply channel. The captured data may also be fed into an optional shelf-life calculator and exposed for operations, QC and sales level analytics.

FreshAwareTM starts with an RFID enabled tag being placed on each unit (case, pallet, etc.) at the field level. 
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