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Steve is our General Manager and is directly responsible for both the long term direction and the day to day operations of ProWare Services. Steve’s vision is to provide small-mid size companies in the perishable foods industry with technology products and services that will result in their growth and sustainability in today’s competitive environment. Steve is a distinct “hands on” manager who spends considerable time in the field with both current and prospective customers.Before becoming General Manager of ProWare Services, LLC, Steve was Director of Business Development for Franwell, Inc. Among Steve’s many responsibilities were coordinating and training VARs, managing sales meetings, planning special events, and providing development and implementation support of the AgWare product line. Prior to his tenure at Franwell, Steve was General Manager for a Central Florida strawberry/vegetable grower/shipper in Florida and also worked as a USDA Fruit and Vegetable Inspector with emphasis in destination market inspections.Steve and his wife Sandy share their home in Plant City Florida with two spoiled dogs, Tooty and Cody. They are both actively involved with church and civic related events, including the annual Feed The Bay food drive..

Sandy is the catalyst behind the scenes at ProWare Services who keeps all the wheels turning smoothly.  Sandy handles all office management responsibilities including scheduling, travel coordination, invoicing and accounting services.  Sandy can usually be found on the phone with clients or responding to emails involving first level AgWare application support. 

Sandy was part of the founding ProWare Services team and came to us from a marketing coordinator/special services administrator position at Franwell, Inc., in Lakeland, FL.

Sandy has many outside interests include papercrafting.  She leads groups in learning and developing their papercrafting skills and is webmaster for her group’s website at  When not actively engaged at either ProWare or her hobbies, Sandy will usually be tending to Tooty and Cody, her two K-9 kids. (P.S.  Tooty and Cody don’t know they are the pets…. they think they are the primary tenants and Steve and Sandy live with them!)

Dieter is ProWare’s Director of Systems Development.  His responsibility is to manage the development of the business requirements required by AgWare and our other software products and services.  Dieter directs his team, in the design and development of new offerings, enhancements, and modifications to our suite of products.   A significant portion of Dieter’s time is involved in product testing and quality control..

Dieter holds a Bachelor Degree in Information Systems.  He brings ProWare over 16 years of experience in analyzing and developing applications and maintaining systems.  Most previously Dieter was the IT Development Manager for Citibank in Nicaragua. He has experience in various programming languages and also in database management systems.

Dieter resides in Plant City, FL with his wife Scarleth and two children, Jonathan and Michelle. Dieter loves any activities involving his family, including swimming, camping, martial arts, and traveling.

Scarleth is ProWare's Systems Developer, Scarleth develops enhancements and modifications to software products and systems.  She also is instrumental is assisting in the design and deployment of enhancements and new modules.

Scarleth holds a Bachelor Degree in Information Systems. She has 16 years of experience developing applications under various programming languages.

She lives with her husband Dieter in Plant City, FL.  Scarleth is extremely involved with activities involving Dieter, Jonathan, and Michelle. 

Office Mascots

Daisy, Tooty & Cody

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